Monday, November 19, 2007

I was trapped! Literally!

Last saturday started out with a headache, I woke up from a late friday night slumber after watching the movie "Beowulf" which disgusted the hell out of me(the violence). Let us return to the headache, so when i woke up, i slept for another hour to lose the headache. I had everything planned for that day, go out with my dad for the whole day and go home at night, then have an early sleep. So we went on with the plan, me and my dad went to the Megamall in ortigas and ate great food, shopped, dined, and played games in the arcade, fun fun fun! :) It already seems like a perfect planned day when around 9 in the evening, i was left alone in the room when the door knob became stucked! I had to call out help because i don't have any tools that could possibly open the door, i tried using the card trick, inserting a plastic card at the edge of the door hoping that the door will open, but i tell you this 3 times! it wont work! it wont work! it wont work! To summarize the happening, i called out help, everybody tried to open the door, my auntie climbed up from the second floor, through the fire escape to my room in the third floor to help me (she brought tools!), we spent around an hour, and ended up with my door sliced(the part of the door knob)... now my door has no lock and it has a hole perfect for peeping. O_O

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