Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Silence is a luxury

I hear noise 24 / 7, right now I hear people typing sounds, in fact i hear my own typing sound, the air conditioner noise, the metal bins opening and closing, someone is laughing. I really miss the silence, plain silence. Last night we had a 10 minute electrical power interruption at home and honestly i enjoyed every single moment of it, there was real silence. The usual television sounds, the electric fan, the water motors, the refrigirator, are all silent.. gone...great! ΓΌ Silence is a luxury, not everyone has the chance to experience it, lucky are the ones who live in remote areas where they are free from such industrial noises caused by too much technology. Cheers to the prehistoric period and remote areas with no technology! Hoorah


Kiriko_kir/ko said...

seems like you're fun of going to the mall. only that your profile appears less interesting, no significant details. anyway.. gud day.

Kiriko_kir/ko said...

sana edit mo naman kunti profile mo.. hehe


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