Monday, November 12, 2007

Public Courtesy

I have been around malls this weekend, riding the LRT to SM Sta. Mesa and going to 168 mall(which seems crowdier everytime i go there). Here are some public courtesy deficiency that i have observed:
1. While in the mall food court area, i saw this guy take a drink in the drinking fountain, so he takes the glass, fills it with water, drinks the water and returns the glass top down, exactly to where it was located before, doing that, others will think that the glass is not yet used and will use it. I did not wait for the next person to pick up that same glass and drink from it.
2. This happens all the time in escalators, people won't stay on one side!!!! It is a courtesy to stand in one side of the escalator, preferably the right side so that people who are in a hurry could easily pass by.
3. In bus, I hate seeing old people, pregnant women, disabled and children standing, please give up your seat for them.
4. When riding the MRT (mass train), people stay crowded near the doors, I mean, why block the doorway? The courtesy is to stay inward the train, away from the doors, if everybody wants to stay near the door, it is always a burden to get in or out the train.
Courtesy is really important, it is respect. Respect others and they will in turn respect you. Peace! ..V.

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