Friday, November 9, 2007

See things with a different eye

A song from spongebob (see

I wish I could join you there in the air
Floating free, without a care
I wish I could fly, and see things with a different eye
If I could fly, so very high, and touch the sky
And never have to ask why it is, that I can't fly

We could look at situations differently as we see them in different perspective, they say there are always two sides of the story(glass half full, glass half empty) , i say there are infinite(glass half full, glass half empty, who left this glass?, ooo... shiny glass, and so on). If we learn to look at things at the perspective of others, we could understand them more. Be happy, let your imaginations take you to different perspectives, fly away and touch the sky, never asking why you can't fly.

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